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Email marketing is one of the best marketing channels to generate leads & convert more prospects for your business. It is one of the personal ways of connecting with existing customers. It is the process of targeting your audience & customers through email. Though there are varieties of marketing channels email still serves as one of the best methods to boost conversion & revenue.

In This Infographic, We’ll be discussing the Top 7 Do’s & Don’ts of Email Marketing:

Top 7 Dos and Donts Of Email Marketing | Jigsawlved

Email List

  • Do use an opt-in verified subscribers list who are interested in joining your mailing list.
  • Don’t leave your email list once it is compiled. People always change their email ids, hence it is important to maintain proper records of your subscribers who receive your email.

Strong Subject Line

  • Do Use an organized subject-line method, but don’t stick to the rules.
  • Don’t make the assumption that varied subject lines are satisfactory.

Email Addresses

  • Do use personal email addresses which are more likely to trust.
  • Don’t use any ambiguous and other non-personal email addresses.


  • Do send emails only to the concerned list of your email subscribers.
  • Don’t send emails to all the subscribers who are on your email list


  • Do understand your intent and then send the emails to your email lists.
  • Don’t send emails without knowing your proper intent in the first place.

Single Link

  • Do use a single call-to-action link in the email body.
  • Don’t include multiple links in your email body.


  • Do check every element of your email to ensure whether it’s in the right format before you push to send button.
  • Don’t send your email without doing a thorough and proper check for typos, broken links, and other errors.

Email marketing helps you to reach a huge audience base within seconds without any geographical barriers. Be smart enough to establish a direct line of communication with your target audience & improve your business proportionally.