LogiChannel Data Appending Service

Take full control over your lead generation process by fixing the missing fields with accurate & up-to-date information with advanced Data Appending Services geared towards Technology Marketers.

Benefits of Data Appending Service

Here is how LogiChannel data appending service helping customers
Revive Old Contacts

Recover crucial customer contact information that matters to your business.

Ideal Customer Profiles

Reach theright prospects at right time through online and offline marketing campaigns.

Enhanced Response Rates

Get accurate and also opt-in database of technology customers for faster conversions.

Affordable Solution

It is cost effective as you pay for only the successfully appended fields.

Fill the Gap in Your Data with Our Niche Appending Services

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Email Appending

Adds high quality verified email addresses to your technology customers list to provide an additional way to market to your customers.

Phone Appending

Adds high quality phone numbers to your technology customers list to provide additional direct marketing opportunities.

Contact Appending

Adds multiple contacts of customers with current job titles to your technology customers list to provide with information on the best person to contact.

Social Media Profile Appending

Adds up-to-date & verified profiles to your technology customers listto help you identify key decision-makers from leading companies who are active on social media.

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