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A common debate in the sales community is how to reach out to a prospect for the prospect- call or email? The first interaction with the prospect is a crucial aspect to establishing trust & gathering key information. Among all the marketing strategies email is considered as a central pillar of B2B marketing which can improve sales & revenue. Stat from campaign monitor shows email marketing is a winning strategy that helps to improve ROI.

In the blog we’ll discuss the top 10 tips to land in your prospects inbox:

Reduce Your Email Bounce Rate:

Reduce Your Email Bounce Rate | LogiChannel

Your sender reputation suffers if the email bounce rate is high. If your email bounces a portion of your prospect and customer may never get your email messages. A high email bounce rate may hurt your email deliverability. There are many ways to reduce bounce rate, here are a few tips to help you.

  • Optimize your page loading time
  • Improve content readability
  • Avoid POP ups
  • Improve your storytelling
  • Prioritize the user experience
  • Attract the right visitors

Build Your Brand Reputation:

Build Your Brand Reputation | LogiChannel

Building your reputation helps to encourage your name with brand identity. Businesses with strong reputations attract better people and opportunities. Improve your sales figures by expanding your market base. Once you know the target, you can build an audience based on their characteristics such as location, company profile, Job title, revenue, Technology, market size & more. When an ideal customer profile & buyer persona is available handy, you can focus on them & get immediate results.

Segment Your Email List:

Segment Your Email List | LogiChannel

Without strong email list segmentation, you can’t personalize your emails. The segment can be categorized based on demography, like & dislikes, pain points & more. Segmentation can be used as a tactic to deliver more relevant email marketing to existing subscribers or prospects. List segmentation is a smart choice to send more relevant content. Hence logic channel being a pioneer in email database service helps in splitting & segmenting of target audience based on certain characteristics which can help B2B marketers in improving relevance.

Research About Your Prospects:

Research About Your Prospects | LogiChannel

Researching your prospects helps you to get ideas about personalizing your email & validates if the prospects can fit into your ideal customer profile. The first step towards successful email prospecting understands the needs. Once your prospect need is clear, make use of the social proof to influence & make an activity out of it. Social proofs have a higher chance of improving the response rate for prospects.

Get Right Subject Line & Include Signature:

A strong subject line encourages prospects to open your email. It creates the brand’s first impression to open your email. So the key takeaway, craft your email well. Wondering how?

  • Have more than one subject line for your personalized target audience.
  • Hold back on using too much punctuation like exclamation marks
  • Make sure of powerful phrases and words.

Include your company’s electronic business card in every mail you send. It gives prospects a sense of confidence which may help them to address legal concerns without any hesitation. Among all, it gives additional options for prospects to connect you through the other available communication medium. Name, position, company website & company phone numbers are the key attributes a basic email signature must-have.

Include Call To Action:

Include Call To Action | LogiChannel

The best way to make use of a call to action is to include a call to action in it. Prospects show strong interest to learn more about you & your company at the first go. Call to action can drive direct traffic to your website & other social media profiles. Alternatively, direct recipients can schedule a quick demo, register for webinars, polls,s and more. Call To Action can directly impact your conversion rate, hence make sure you map out the correct path to conversion to ensure smooth & logical flow.

Set Your Email Timing Right:

We all know leads & prospects will read your emails at different times. With the geographical barriers around the prospects, make use of the email automation tools to track the most time when your prospects open or read your email. Once optimal time is identified, send emails accordingly to improve your click-through rate. The General Thumb rule for email marketing avoids sending marketing emails over weekends. Hence weekends are considered as an inappropriate time to send promotional & discounts.

Set Your Email Frequency Right:

No one wants their mailbox to be bombarded with too many promotional emails from one particular brand. If email frequency is not set right, it can bring down your email open rate. In the worst-case prospect can also blacklist you as spam. Any email campaign must keep your audience engaged rather than overloading their mailbox. Make use of the email frequency safeguard feature which allows B2B marketers to set the maximum number of marketing emails to connect with a contact in a given period.

Avoid Unsolicited Emails:

An Unsolicited Emails | LogiChannel

Recipients are always expecting marketers to be fairly transparent. Don’t take advantage of prospects that have ticked the opt-in checkbox. Send promotional emails based on the recipient’s interest in your brand & products. Wait for the right time & demonstrate the right value in creating a unique opportunity for your business. Always provide them insightful feedback about the requirement they approach you. Keep your email short & crisp.  No one will take time to read a long & boring email. The ultimate aim of a prospecting email is to get elicit a response.

Add Value To Your Recipients:

Create customer-focused mindset mails to understand your audience & their business requirements. Your email must be directed at delivering relevant content & solution that can help your recipients to get benefits out of your products. With exclusive offers & deals, you can curate the urge your prospects to open your email & read. Here, the main focus of marketers is to be helping the prospect to understand how they can benefit from using your products or service. Pinpoint a key benefit for your prospect that would solve their problem using your products or service.

Keep Regular Track Of Trigger Events & Follow Up Events:

With modern tools & techniques instead of following up with prospects randomly, you can set trigger events to create a personalized mail that recipients are interested in or more likely to respond immediately. For instance, trigger events include product launches, vacations, birthdays, and more. Make use of Google Alerts to set up a notification when a specific prospect, company, or product is mentioned on the web.

Wrapping Up:

Landing in the prospect mailbox is directly proportional to finding the best interest of their customers. The ultimate goal is to make sure the relevant emails land in their customer’s inbox rather than sending unwanted mail & getting marked as spam. LogiChannel always looking for the best interest of prospects & constantly review success metrics which will be sender authentication & engagement ratio.