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Email Appending is one of the best and most effective ways that allows a business and marketing professionals to reach more potential audience with accurate and deliverable emails.

Every year, on an average of over 30 percent of technology professionals change their email addresses. You might have a large customer database, you know their name and where they live. But the database doesn’t contain a valid email address and this is where Email Appending Services came into spotlight and assisting marketers in adding accurate email addresses of customers.

Before digging into deeper on how email appending services can accelerate your business growth, it is essential to know about email appending and how it works.

What is Email Appending?

In simple words, Email appending means updating the email address of your existing customers which are missing from your existing database.Email Appending is one of the best marketing practices that involves retrieving customer data such as (name, postal address) and comparing it to a vendor’s database in order to collect the missing information.

How Email Appending Works?

In general email appending is simple and technically risk-free. You give your customers’ names and postal addresses to LogiChannel, and we will add missing email addresses and return you the enhanced list. First, we recognize the company’s email domain that is specified on your input file. Later, we will use reference databases to define the company’s e-mail naming convention (i.e.: firstname.lastname@ or firstname@). Once the naming convention is determined, the business customer’s email address is generated.

Let’s talk about how email appending can accelerate your business growth.

If you discover that your email marketing campaign doesn’t get desired results, then it is recommended to identify the gaps in your customers’ database and fill those gaps with best email appending service as it helps marketers to contact the right prospects with authentic email addresses in the database.Email appending provide a massive boost to the sales figure and also generate higher traffic to the website.

If you’re thinking about marketing expansion and expecting outstanding communication benefits, then you need genuine and accurate customer email addresses that perfectly aligns with your marketing campaigns. With email appending service, you can boost revenue and enhance customer retention with an accurate marketing database.

List of benefits associated with Email Appending Service.

  • Accelerates email marketing campaign success rate.
  • Reduces direct mailing costs.
  • Increases your range of potential customers by reaching the right target market.
  • Generates more ROI from existing customers by building valuable multi-channel relationships.
  • Improved delivery rate


Best Practices

Most of the marketers and businesses opt for Appending services to get fresh contact information about their target audience. But before going to invest on email appending services, it is essential for marketers to run appending employments on new information rather than outdated data. This practice can dramatically increase the value of your list and helps you to stand ahead of your competitors.

Hence, Email appending is one of the best marketing services that give marketers the best insights and access to their customers. And also, it is one of the most accessible niche services which allow B2B customer communication with the greatest facility. Therefore, don’t limit the success of your marketing campaigns by the size of your email database. If you haven’t considered email appending yet, it is recommended that you go for it before it’s too late.

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