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There’s a lot of discussion and excitement these days about mobile email marketing. Because it is a new arena, there isn’t much overcrowding or high-stakes competition yet. However, new technology brings new obstacles, and it may become quite easy to misstep and fall down the wrong path. So, if you want your mobile email marketing campaign to work, here’s a brief list of things you shouldn’t do:

What Shouldn't You Do In Mobile Email Marketing | LogiChannel

Don’t write long messages

This is an excellent thumb rule for most marketing messages, but it’s especially true on mobile. After all, no one wants to scroll through pages of text. In fact, to encourage easy mailing list signup and coupons at the cash register or in a store window, it’s sometimes advisable to forego text entirely in favor of a simple QR code or text message.

Don’t bait and switch

Mobile customers have limited attention spans, so an enticing phrase or offer that doesn’t deliver will be ignored. Learn what your customers want from your store, whether it’s hours, locations, directions, or rapid access to coupons. Mobile users frequently use their devices to compare costs, so instead of aggravating them with a long search, make these as transparent and quick to access as possible.

Don’t target too broadly

The greatest mobile marketing strategies focus on a specific customer niche and corporate objectives that are well defined inside a larger marketing strategy. The more targeted you can be, the more relevant promotions and material you can come up with that will genuinely engage your clients.

Don’t send texts at random times of the day

Research the times and days when mobile consumers are most responsive, both in general and in your business particularly. A lunch café, for example, would do well to send out a coupon to loyal customers shortly before 11:30 a.m., whereas a bank might want to wait until the after-work rush.

Don’t measure the wrong things

Mobile impressions can be a misleading metric. Instead, concentrate on the number of e-commerce sales made on mobile platforms, app engagement, and phone calls received to get a more realistic picture.

Don’t ignore trends

It’s a bit disingenuous to say that once you’ve deployed your app and made your online content responsive, everything else will fall into place. Mobile marketing trends shift frequently, so it’s critical to keep track of them and stay up to date.

Don’t Ignore Mobile Site Speed

Responsiveness, mobile-friendly interfaces with huge buttons, and direct CTAs get you a long way down the mobile marketing field, but speed is the game-winner. Consider how frustrating it is when a website fails to load on your computer. When a user searches for services on a mobile device, the annoyance level keeps going up. Determine how long it takes for your site to load on mobile and implement the suggestions for improvement.

Don’t Assume That Your Clients Aren’t Mobile

How often have you passed the time on your phone surfing numerous websites before returning to take action? Your journey to purchase began innocently on a mobile device, and CEOs and other decision-makers in the business-to-business sector are no exception. Mobile can be high in the funnel for firms with long sales cycles, but it can also be a valuable area for micro-conversions like bookmarking and other steps that aren’t confined to a single audience.

The Take-Away

Smartphone has become a platform that can be extremely useful to businesses and marketers, but only when properly mastered. While other digital marketing trends come and go, mobile email marketing appears to be here to stay as people become increasingly disconnected from their computers. Take the necessary actions now to ensure that your mobile marketing efforts are successful, and watch your traffic increase!