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Faced with the booming popularity of social media marketing and acquisition, Email Marketing still serves up distinct benefits than other media streams struggle to match. With the total number of email accounts growing at a faster pace, email marketing is a great tool for most of the businesses to reach out to target audience, deliver a brand message and acquire customers.

Most of the marketers consider email as their top lead generation strategy. If you’re still wondering that email is still relevant in 2020, then you’re missing out on powerful lead generation and nurturing tool. So, it is highly recommended to make email marketing as a part of your 2020 digital marketing strategy.

Interested in making most out of email marketing? Read on to learn about the top trends that can help you drive more sales.


In 2020, email personalization isn’t only a good gesture — subscribers consider it.

In general, consumers receive hundreds of emails each day, so you need to send personalized emails to get your campaigns outstanding. Personalized emails allow you to cater to the particular needs and interests of customers, while leading them to the next phase of the sales funnel. In addition to personalized email campaigns, things like personalized email timing, personalized sending frequency will become more prominent as the year unfolds.

Mobile-First Optimization

In this modern digital era, people rely on mobile phones from reading emails to making purchasing decisions. The number of smart phone users is gradually increasing and it is predicted to reach 7.25 billion in coming years. Therefore, it is important to run email campaigns that are optimized for mobile devices to earn more leads.

A well-optimized email is clean and simple to view great on smartphones. Once you’ve optimized your emails for mobile, you’re more likely to increase the email click-through rate. Hence, optimizing your email campaign for mobile devices is a must if you want to deliver your brand message and increase sales.

Minimalist Copy and Design

Since users receive many number of brand emails, it’s crucial for any business to stand out from the crowd. The main purpose of sending emails is to be read, attract people and convert them into qualified leads. However, it’s not mandatory to create eye-catching emails but most of the people believe that attractive email templates and design can drive maximum customer’s attention.

Minimalist Email Design helps to optimize email load time and deliver a completely-focused brand message. In addition to this, it aligns with your marketing efforts and delivers enhanced success rate.


Email automation is not a new strategy but you need to add it to your portfolio if you want to succeed in new marketing arena. With email automation, you can easily use data to send customized email campaigns — and concentrate more time on your business provided by automated sending. Since automatic emails are connected to subscriber actions, they are highly personalized and a highly effective way to engage leads and clients.


Segmentation is one of the best email marketing strategies helps in splitting the whole list of subscribers into small groups according to their distinguishing features and similarities. Segmentation has proven to set new standards in email campaign success rate. In recent searches, it has become more evident that segmented email marketing campaigns have increased revenue by 70%.

Brand Storytelling

One of the most powerful trends in today’s email marketing strategies is the use of relevant content and maintaining a focus on the customer journey with each campaign. Email content will feature more storytelling and authentic messages than standard sales content which works effectively throughout 2020 and beyond.

With quality brand story and authentic content, your business can attract more targeted audience. This will allow you to improve your connections and ultimately boost lead generation.


One of the most email marketing trends is videos embedded within emails. Give your emails a professional appearance by incorporating videos rather than regular text email. Emails with video content enable you to become familiar with your costumers.

Moreover, using videos in email campaigns can earn you more credibility with increased click rate and ultimately, it makes subscribers more likely to engage with your brand and purchase.

As technological innovation has been improving continually, email marketing remains one of the most powerful tools to generate leads. Hence, it is essential to understand the current trends in email marketing to build the campaigns that reach more audience and in turn leads to higher conversion rates.

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