LogiChannel Data Enrichment Service

A well-functioning data enrichment process is crucial for a modern brand. Keep your customer data up-to- date and ensure your brand can accurately target more customers with our Data Enrichment Service.

Benefits of Data Enrichment Service

Here is how LogiChannel data Enrichment service helping customers.
Enhanced Conversion Rates

With Data enrichment, you can add relevant contact data fields which can lead to better approachability and higher conversion rates.

Lead Scoring

Enriched data will include things like location, business size or behavioral data, which will help you with beneficial lead scoring.

Customer Segmentation

Segmented list of customers based on demographics and firmographics to improve your targeting and ability to determine your customer needs.

Updated Information

Having access to updated customer information will give you an added advantage in building productive relations with your customers.

Handle Larger Databases with Right Kind of Information Using our Niche Data Enrichment Services

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Profiles enriched at scale

Upgrade individual records using various dimensions of identity, social media handles, preferences, affinities, and activity measures.

360° View of Customer Profiles

Build up contact records of customers into a comprehensive profile with a complete view of prospects in the personal and professional lives.

Social Media Activity

Get to know your customers’ brand and lifestyle preferences with data sourced from multiple mediums that have direct access to their interests.

Optimize Records

Transform partial records to complete profiles that offer a unified view of your customers within your targeted marketing segments.

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