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The Internet age has redefined B2B sales. Are you a B2B marketer who wants to boost leads from your contacts & contacts? Then you should leverage the available information to drive growth without just storing information. A perfect B2B database can help you achieve your business goals & stay ahead of your competitors in the fast-moving internet era. We understand that over every marketing & sales strategy, there is a strong communication database. Having the right foundation matters as it is important to have a knowledgeable database for your marketing goals. So having a well-researched B2B communication database helps to improve revenue & boost sales. It also improves the marketing campaigns to ensure you connect with the right prospect to promote your products & services.

There are several factors involved in making effective B2B database solution. Keen to know what makes your database unique? Then here are a few tips which make your B2B database effective & complete for any B2B campaign.

  • A B2B database must be easy to use & able to present your key criteria perfectly to select records as per business needs.
  • Always make sure you make a database that can accommodate all your business needs & appropriate data at the required time.
  • Never combine two different databases with different or the same set of information. Instead, pick a system which perfectly matches your marketing goals.
  • Try to keep track of changes & alerts that adhere to the process without doing a manual update. A B2B database must be capable of handling all changes in process & able to update users based on key metrics.
  • Your B2B database must hold information related to account data, firmographic data, technographic data & contact data.

Let’s See Types of Data That You Need In Your B2B Database

Setting Up Account Data

Set up high-value accounts to deal with ideal customers & prospect well suited for your business. Account data include details like company name, number of employees, key decision-makers, recent hiring, funding source, web traffic, and social media accounts. These are a few examples of key attributes which can determine the readiness of the products & services before proceeding for any business deals.

Firmographic Data

Firmographic data contain important details that help marketers to categorize company account in a well-segmented & suitable manner. They also provide you statistics on firms such as industry sector, size of the staff, revenue, purchasing periods & more that helps you to understand the business & current trends in the market.

Firmographic data includes details such as company size, industry, employee size, office location, SIC code & Zipcode. These firmographic attributes help to gain business insights, strategies your marketing activities & optimize it to understand the current trends in the market.

Contact Data:

There are several key items, which enables B2B marketers to connect with key executives who make a decision when it comes to business & campaign. It includes key details such as contact name, job title, email address, direct dial numbers, fax & more.

Technographic Data

Technographic data is a combination of technology & demographics information that describes the use of technology solution, their adoption rate irrespective of potential challenges in the organization. If we put simply, it is the practical application of information about technology stack used by the prospective customer.

A survey by Forbes shows 88% of marketers use data obtained from third parties to enhance their understanding of each customer. There are 3 board ways to collect technographic data which includes surveys, web scrapping & third party purchasing. Surveys & web scrapping can be quite challenging as it requires lots of process & approvals before collecting the required data. Logichannel is leading B2B database service providers with access to more robust & reliable datasets highly recommended for your business.

It is as simple as that the more you understand your client & you market them with the right products. B2B database can help marketers understand the goods & services perfectly crafted to meet the changing business needs. Moreover, the quality of your database has a direct influence on your B2B success. Definitely, you’ll miss out all possibilities to connect with customers when your B2B databases are not up to the standard.

Good source of leads:

Do some potential research on the industry you want to explore & decide your target audience. Based on your target customers you can build your lead list. We would suggest your company’s internal marketing database plays a key role in planning future B2B campaigns.

Categorize your prospects:

Maximize your marketing efforts by collaborating with the right prospects at the right time. And you can also identify more profitable leads based on the establishing business relationship with them. This helps in understanding & spending of most marketing efforts to understand similar prospects & work accordingly. You can also segment your prospects into different subcategories in the hierarchy to create more targeted leads & connect with leads highly interested in your products & services.

Maintain healthy sales cycle:

By categorizing your high-quality prospects you can reduce your time generating leads & focus more on sales graph. No more third-party intervention as your prospect database holds complete information to target leads in a hassle-free manner.

Bottom Line

There are various actionable benefits of B2B database which can significantly improve your conversion outcome. With accurate data about the company & their technology stacks, you improve details segmentation which ensures B2B salesperson can identify & define granular customer segments based on the current trends & use effectively. Any good business knows that understanding customer & their requirement is critical. Hence, Logichannel has a team of experts who often work around the clock to capture different interest & problems faced by prospects while enhancing the specificity of the B2B database.

Grow your Business with accurate & reliable B2B database built by the Logichannel team since we make this process easy, simple & provides all must include details. Partner with us for all B2B email database services & exponentially improve your sales in less time. Get a bigger impact by using relevant data which can determine your long term success.