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Thanksgiving Day opens the door to the very unique and busy holiday season as 40 per cent of festive shopping happens during this weekend. At the same time, this holiday is all about giving thanks and spending time with family and friends. Hence, email marketers need to consider this fact and don’t limit your campaign to simple hot deals and special offers on this Thanksgiving Day. Along with providing discounts and special deals, as a marketer thinks of expressing gratitude in a more sophisticated way towards your loyal customers who supported your business during this Covid-19 global health crisis.

As an email marketer, if you haven’t scheduled your thanksgiving email campaigns for the most lucrative days to come, don’t worry! Here are some email marketing tips that you should apply to take advantage of this biggest shopping season.

Design Appealing Email Templates

When it comes to sending Thanksgiving Email Campaigns, you don’t have to start from scratch – just focus on designing eye-popping email templates that grabs customers’ attention. Although your marketing campaign has not been devised well in advance and you do not have ample time to segment your clients, send customized messages and deals to your customers.

If you are a small company with a limited customer base, you can send customized emails before Thanksgiving Day. According to some reports, half of the American people are informed about Thanksgiving Sales through emails. Sending emails only one day before the big day enables customers to consider your offer.

Provide Offers Along With Thank You Note

Sometimes, holiday sales can be accelerated by a simple email campaign offering a discount. To find clients who make major or regular transactions close to Thanksgiving, look over the sales data from the past few years. Furthermore, you can send Thank you notes to your customers and offer them various promotional discounts and gifts.

You can consider these Thanksgiving Email Campaigns as an opportunity to invite your customers to your e-commerce websites to avail exciting offers. Sending thank you messages to your customers along with the promotional offers is actually an excellent way to show your gratitude towards them.

Add Interactive Elements in Your Email

During Thanksgiving week, customer’s inboxes fill with bunch of emails and discount offers. Due to the overflow of emails, most of the emails often remain the same and thus many stay unopened. If you want the email recipient to click on your email, then give them something new and something unique.

Hence, it is highly recommended to add interactive elements like an animated GIF image or a video in your email to make it eye-popping and stunning. In addition to that, you can include visual storytelling in your email as this is one of the fastest ways to grab attention and gives your customers a reason to regularly check your emails.

Include Automation And Personalization 

As this is clearly evident, Thanksgiving week is the busiest time possible in every way. This could be the perfect time to use marketing automation by automating a variety of your email campaigns, starting with deals and reminders from welcome emails. In addition to that, create customized communications and segment your emails as personalized emails offer 6x higher transaction rates.

Use Catchy Subject Lines

In general, the holiday seasons are meant to be crowded up the customer email inboxes with dozens of promotional deals and discount offers. Hence, it is essential to use catchy subject lines which are impactful and create first impression for readers. Also, the subject line must draw attention of the email recipients and enable them to open the particular email.

Even if your offer is the best of all time, it doesn’t lead to anything if your email doesn’t open. The difference between making a sale and getting your email trashed is your subject line. Hence, offer them a sense of urgency that makes them want to open your email. For that, you can use phrases like “Limited Period Offer” or “Final Hours.” So, it is always recommended to use killer subject lines that stand out your emails from others.

Keep You Email Short And Simple

The primary step in having a successful Thanksgiving email marketing blast is getting your recipients to open your emails. For that, you need to write emails that are short, simple, and straight to the point instead of using lengthy paragraphs. To make your Thanksgiving email campaigns more effective- hold off the business part and send out your expression of gratitude first to make them feel valued.

Don’t use large phrases that would overwhelm your readers. Alternatively, make it seem like you talk directly to them as their acquaintance or someone they can trust. Also, make sure that you write in a language that the viewer can understand in full-fledged manner.

Use Responsive Design

To get maximum open rates for your Thanksgiving email campaigns, make sure to use responsive designs for your emails. In recent researches, it was found that Mobile internet traffic accounts for 40.61% of all internet traffic. All this is due to more and more people use their mobile phones regularly to open their emails.

Hence, this is the reason you should create your emails that can be viewed across multiple platforms including desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets and more. Furthermore, usage of responsive designs while crafting Thanksgiving email campaigns will give your emails a higher chance of being opened, read and possibly some prospects may convert into paying customers.

Bottom Line

The Thanksgiving season is the best time for you to attract more customers and increase your sales like never before. Although, time management can become a huge struggle with most of the holiday shoppers, but your marketing efforts matter the most to increase your sales. We have included many useful tips and tactics that will not only help your Thanksgiving season sales but also increase your brand’s reputation. By using our Thanksgiving email marketing tips, we’re sure that you’ll be on your way to create and send Thanksgiving emails that aligns with your subscribers.

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