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Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels for Restaurants when it is combined with the right strategy and right email marketing tools. Following best practices for email marketing can bring high traffic & turn walk-ins into regular customers. Email marketing is one of the channels that offer direct access to your customer base irrespective of your industry.


9 Quick Email Marketing Best Practices For Restaurant Industry | LogiChannel

Here are a few tips to improve your email marketing strategy focusing restaurant industry

Define your Target Audience

Segment your customers based on their needs & keep on researching required details under each category based on the hypotheses. This is a crucial step in any marketing strategy to understand more about your customer & fulfill their requirement.

Build Strong Customer Relationship

Make them feel special. Over the period you can get their basic information like birthday, email, etc & surprise them with exclusive offers. Regular newsletters about promotional offers, mergers, and acquisitions will help build together stronger relationships with the client.

Include Personal Message

A personal message is something that takes you closer. A quick note about how you started, how your bestseller dish prepared was, the small intro about your executive chef or something which can be your identity or face of business will gain huge rapport with subscribers.

Use of Pictures

A picture speaks more than words & it draws the subscriber’s attention. Give a sneak peek of new dishes & special menu which can be availed on any occasion or famous at your place. It can be themed nights or chefs special, make sure everything is photographed & emailed to customers.

Place Open Invites to Customers

Be it occasional special events or parties, when you host an event, it is recommended to send an invitation to your subscribers as it will be helping customers across the different areas to plan their travel & visit your restaurant for dining.

Include a Strong Subject Line

With a strong & catchy subject line, you can get the attention of customers & make them read your message. A strong subject line must be crisp & clear without misleading information. Short & clear information on email subject will increase the open rate.

Accept Online Reservation

The world of the internet has changed the way we do business. It paved the way to explore new ideas & get a successful result without any barriers.  An online reservation gives quick access to the customer what they want without any delay.

Initiate Referral Campaign

A place to fine dine is ideally recommended for socializing & spend quality time. With referral programs, you can bring friends & family of your customer to enjoy good food at their convenience. It also promotes word of mouth about your quality service & food.

Roll Out Promotional Deals

Email Marketing is one of the best channels to roll out offers & promotional deals.  Promotional deals work well too for new customer as it keeps them hooked to your mails & triggers them to visit again. It also improves customer loyalty as they would be visiting over again & again.


Email is one of the evergreen modes of communication methods of marketing over others. Follow the above-mentioned strategies to stay ahead of your competitors in the restaurant industry for better client engagement & improve campaign revenue.