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Real Estate Email List A Marketing Tool For Real Estate Agents To Reach Right Clients | LogiChannel

The advent of the internet has made many businesses use the online platforms effectively for their business to grow up on the professional ladder. Real estate is one such industry that boomed in recent years with the help of the internet. A real estate agent is skilled in buying & selling properties across the globe. Similarly, an agent must be aware of how well you communicate with people for promoting your properties. With skillful networking, you must keep track of all contacts you have communicated, which is why you need a real estate agent’s email list.

Why having a real estate agent email list is important?

Real Estate Agent Email List | LogiChannel 

Email is an effective marketing tool if used properly. A successful real estate broker or agent aims to grow your client base. They keep track of the people they meet over dinner parties, meet-up groups & other social events. But here comes the big question of how you nurture relationships with all prospects you meet. To answer the above question, maintaining an email marketing list will be the right choice. Also, you can build your own customized lists using custom list-building services to keep track of all prospects. This will be one of the effective marketing tools to save, sort & segment your contacts effectively. Similarly, if you build the list you can get full control over it to edit or modify records as per business requirements.

It is a well-known fact that if the real estate industry email list is used the right way you can reach more people & close more deals effectively.

Here we will discuss building the right email marketing guide to capture leads & build strong business relationships & close deals effectively. Believe it or not, we’re in the 21st century & called the digital era for any business. Staying with trends helps you to improve & grow your business.

A statistic from the National Association of REALTORS profiles of home buyers & sellers indicates 50% of all participants found their homes using the internet.

And more importantly, the 2018 industry benchmark report shows an average open rate of email is 19.24% & a click rate of 1.9%.

From above, we can conclude that having a perfect real estate agent list can broaden your reach & connect with the right prospect for business.

Content of any marketing mail will give a crystal clear idea of how you can nurture your relationship with your subscribers. As a marketer, it is a strategy to sell yourself and your services to a global audience. But still, you find a subtle way to do it because your readers will stop reading them if it is more about you.

Topics that can be covered in your emails:

  • Local news & events across the city
  • Restaurant views
  • Home improvement trends
  • Interior design tips
  • Budgeting sessions
  • Loan workshops
  • Market Updates
  • Market insights

Why an email list is preferred over another mode?

Low cost & the high return on investment makes an email stand out from the crowd. This is one of the main reasons why emails become crucial to any business.  In order to reap the best benefits & get an effective outcome, you must be aware of best practices, building, segmenting the entire email list. Being pioneers in email database services, we at LogiChannel have a team of experts to guide you if you’re in need of any help to build a list from scratch.

Perks of using email tool for real estate business:

Any email marketing software will help you to structure & run your real estate business.

  • Capturing new leads & clients effectively
  • Building everlasting relationships within the real estate community
  • Establishing own brand & promoting it across the globe
  • Grow your sales
  • Expanding client base

Setting up the right real estate email marketing list:

Here are few effective steps to be followed for setting up your own real estate email marketing list.

Capture & Nurture Real Estate Leads:

Capture & Nurture Real Estate Leads | LogiChannel 

There are millions of ways to capture leads & expand your lead database.  From traditional to modern marketing, acquiring leads is one of the major tasks. If it is the traditional way, request a prospect’s email address in an old-fashioned way. When it comes to online, you can connect with prospects using targeted paid ads. PPC advertising is one of the important ways to drive traffic.

Alternatively stay active on all social media pages, which will be one of the lead generation sources to collect basic information about prospects. The collected information must be validated & verified to make sure leads are nurtured & monitored through the entire sales cycle.

Brand yourself:

Branding is one the most used buzz word in recent times. Build rapport with clients to promote your services or real estate products on a global scale.

You can start your conversation with the welcome mail (which can be automated). As the name suggests it is sent to someone who signs up first. Having excellent email marketing software can handle it in a better way. This mail is introducing yourself and proportionally shows the level of expertise, the experience you have in the real estate industry.

Use Right Call To Action

Use Right Call To Action | LogiChannel 

The next most important thing is adding a call to action, which can be used to set up a phone call with prospects if they are interested. CTA (Call To Action) works well in newsletters.  CTA is generally undersigned in email with the right links to call to action.

Conduct Polls & Surveys

The third most important thing is sending out engaging emails. After introducing, going for a sales pitch doesn’t work. Instead of sales mode, you can show the humorous side of yours. Conduct surveys poll to understand better, more about prospect & build an everlasting relationship.

Also, you can send emails about:

  • Holiday greetings
  • Mortgage news
  • Housing decoration trends
  • Newly opened shops or restaurant
  • Real Estate market analysis
  • Events happening in town

Email Personalization:

Over the period, as a marketer, you can analyze the likes & dislikes of your subscribers. A real estate email list can have a variety of subscribers from sellers, buyers, mortgage brokers & more. So segregate prospects based on their interest & send me a personalized email to get a quick response. With automated tools & services, you can generate more customizable emails for each group & keep them engaged.

Automated Emails

Automated Email | LogiChannel

No more manual works. Thanks to automated software which are easy & effective in sending out mails in your absence. From building emails to news alerting everything can be automated.  Based on your mailing frequency you can schedule your weekly/monthly email updates to prospects in a hassle-free manner. An automated email sequence is easy to implement & saves you from doing routine works.

Automated workflows can be created for

  • Incentive email
  • Welcome email
  • Email alerts
  • Follow up emails
  • Referral mails
  • And more

Rolling out targeted emails:

Based on email personalization, now you’ll aware of the different interests of your subscribers. So this would be idle time to use that information & roll out effective and targeted email campaigns manually or with automated workflows. These target emails improve your sales & boost credibility. Targeted email content actually improves your trust & visibility. Campaigns can be about selling properties, current happening in town pertaining to real estate industries, seasonal updates, webinars, prop expo & more.

Tracking Email Metrics

Tracking Email Metrics | LogiChannel 

Metrics help marketers to define if they are actually doing well in the B2B campaign or not. If you’re spending too much amount of time creating content & you are not aware of how many read or how many are ignored, it is of no use.  Every email service providers allow you to track the number of response you received from each real estate client, including open rates & click through rates. Writing a compelling subject line allows subscribers to open your mail & read it.


With the modern marketing technique, real estate can make use of the internet for B2B sales & marketing. Email marketing is one of the digital marketing which never goes out of style. Partner with LogiChannel to build your own list. This creates more opportunities to collect leads, nurture relationships & close more deals efficiently. Spending more time on segmentation will help marketers to send personalized mail & stay ahead of competitors. Are you planning to seal the deal for your real estate business, then use our effective real estate industry email lists. Connect with us at build your reliable email list today.