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9 Best Email Marketing Strategies For Physicians | LogiChannel

Marketing to physicians and other healthcare professionals is no longer simple—not only are they difficult to reach, but they also have low response rates for content that does not immediately appeal to them. Furthermore, the complex nature of the purchase process for medical devices and pharmaceuticals demands thorough research and precise targeting. However, with more physicians viewing vendor content through digital media, there has never been a better moment to optimize email marketing methods for optimum benefits. Hence, conducting a physician email marketing campaign with a smart approach is an important step towards making a medical product a success.

As most of the physician’s inboxes are piled up with promotional emails, while so many messages are deleted without ever being opened, how do you cut through the noise and ensure your emails get noticed by a physician? Simple. Implement the below-mentioned 9 best email marketing strategies to experience greater email marketing success in the healthcare industry.

Tailor Your Message Based on Physician Specialty

Tailor Your Message Based on Physician Specialty | LogiChannel

Generally, physicians are more likely to respond to content offers that are tailored or related to their specific specialty, therefore it’s essential to keep the physician’s specialty in mind when creating email marketing offers. Statistics, case studies, and featured items or product features are all valuable aspects to customize in your email marketing campaign. If nothing else, changing the body of the email in accordance with the physician specialty group will show your recipient that you’re thinking about how your solution fits into their field of expertise.

At present, most of the sophisticated email service providers and customer relationship management platforms will allow you to do some of this customization dynamically without having to create multiple versions of each mailing. Otherwise, partnering with LogiChannel can help you to accomplish this objective by providing you with a well-segmented Physicians Email List. As an industry-leading healthcare database provider, we can provide all the required marketing data to connect with physicians. In addition to that, we offer a wide variety of physicians’ mailing lists including, neurologists email lists, chiropractor email lists, pediatrician email lists, and many more.

Keep Your Email Content Brief And Factual

Keep Your Email Content Brief and Factual | LogiChannel

Sending emails with brief content and factual messages enables you to get responses from physicians. Hence, it is recommended to incorporate trustworthy third-party data or industry studies as this type has a scope that will create interest and confidence in readers and enables them to sign up for your content and download it. As physicians have limited time, being able to rapidly and clearly communicate the value that they will receive from reading your content will help you improve your conversion rates.

If you are in the healthcare industry, you must use healthcare email marketing methods that are appropriate for your industry. Changing how you write and present your emails influences how physicians receive and respond to them, resulting in increased opens, click-throughs, and a healthier bottom line.

Optimize Subject Lines

Optimized Subject Lines | LogiChannel

Subject lines are the ultimate gatekeepers of email marketing. It is always important to write a subject line that is compelling and aligning with your target audience. While crafting email-opening subject lines for physicians, you need to follow the below-mentioned criteria:

  • Important
  • Relevant (new information, breakthrough, latest data, etc.)
  • Concise
  • Time-Conscious (most emails are read on mobile devices)
  • Inclusion of Numbers & Statistics
  • Understandable Benefit & Value (when applicable)
  • Interesting (without being confusing)

Knowing the percentage of your audience who uses a mobile device will help you determine the length of your subject line. Keep your subject line to a maximum of 50-70 characters. Also, keep the major topical focus far front in the subject, knowing that the number of characters the receiver will see is highly changeable.

Optimize Your Email For Mobile Devices

Optimize Your Email For Mobile Devices | LogiChannel

When doctors check their email once a day, it’s likely that they’re doing so on a smartphone or tablet. According to MobiHealthNews, almost eight out of ten doctors utilize their mobile devices for professional purposes. Marketers should build their messages with the assumption that they will be read on a small touchscreen.

Emails with huge images and complex fonts are less likely to be read. Hence, always include simple layouts that align with mobile devices. Optimizing your email for mobile devices can provide greater outcomes in marketing. In addition to that, any landing pages that you link in your email body should be mobile-friendly, otherwise, you risk losing out on great prospects for deeper engagement.

Use Quality Data To Target The Physicians

To ensure that marketing emails are sent out effectively, a firm must have up-to-date information. Doctors may switch institutions, changing their professional email addresses and the patients they visit. Using the most up-to-date data, a company may target the physicians who are most likely to be interested in its products with content that is relevant to them.

A medical technology company may make the most of its marketing efforts if it has access to a rich database with updated email addresses and other essential information for a wide range of physicians. Additionally, the firm can use data enrichment services to ensure that its own results and data are accurate. A company can gain clear insights into the reach of an email campaign with clear insights into the reach of an email campaign.

Include Right Call-To-Action

Include Right Call To Action | LogiChannel

A good call-to-action may make or break a message, regardless of how visually appealing, innovative, well-branded, or instructive. Make your CTA as clear as possible early in the email, so the reader understands what to do next and why. The lower a CTA is placed, the fewer doctors are likely to notice it. It’s also a good idea to do three repetitions of the same CTA.

Say No To Spam

According to research done by EveryAction, 24.16 percent of emails are routed to spam folders on a monthly basis. Even if physicians have signed up to receive your healthcare marketing emails, they may end up in spam folders.

Say No To Spam | LogiChannel

Here are a few tips to bypass the spam filter include:

  • Avoid words and phrases like “100% free,” “best price,” “guarantee,” and “save” that are associated with spam.
  • Authenticating your emails properly so that mailbox providers recognize you as a real sender.
  • Regularly clean up your email list because unread emails diminish your engagement rate, risking your relationship with internet service providers.
  • Include a double opt-in since doctors who want to be subscribed will increase your engagement and delivery rates.
  • Creating a preference center where physicians can choose what kind of content they want from you and how often they want to get it.

Hit The Right Frequency

Hit The Right Frequency | LogiChannel

According to the Adobe poll, email is the most favored means of communication for most brands. However, 45 percent stated the most common reason they unsubscribe from mailing lists is that they receive too many emails.

You don’t want to clutter their inboxes, yet reaching out too infrequently can fail. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so spend time figuring out what works best for your healthcare practice. More than merely a technique to avoid spam, incorporating a preference center — as mentioned earlier — is a simple approach to guarantee patients get the right quantity of emails.

Create Newsletters With Relevant And Educational Content

Every day, subscribers are bombarded with hundreds of sales pitches and promotional emails, which might frustrate them and cause them to unsubscribe. That is why it is critical to send content that is both informative and beneficial.

Sending valuable and helpful emails will enable you to develop credibility and earn the trust of your readers. Send out newsletters about the latest health news, patient treatment options, wellness tips, new product or service developments, general health-related information, and more. When your emails inspire and provide a solution, your consumers are more inclined to open and read them.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing is the perfect choice for engaging and interacting with existing as well as prospective clients. Even though other marketing strategies can be used in combination with email marketing, nothing allows you to reach out to more people than emails, especially since 39% of Americans check their email one to three times per day. The above-mentioned email marketing strategies, when implemented correctly, can allow you to reach physicians who are extremely responsive to various healthcare-related offers.

Do you market to physicians or other healthcare professionals? Do you supply hospitals and clinics with your products and services? We at LogiChannel can help you reach more people in the healthcare market, no matter who you sell to. Our database services are regarded as an ideal solution because we have access to millions of records and a large range of highly targeted healthcare email lists to pick from.