Students Mailing List

Find new marketing opportunities with Students Mailing List from LogiChannel. Whether you want to attract new students in your own regions or across the globe with specific interests, we can compile a comprehensive Students Email List that works for you. Our accurate Student Mailing Lists will save you time, money and help you see measurable results in a short time.

Students Mailing List

Students Mailing List
Direct Email Addresses: 377,160
Direct Dial Numbers: 376,870
Postal Mailing Addresses: 373,750
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Size of Database: 383,680

Targeted Audience:
High-School Students, College Students, Post Graduate Students and more
Students by Department:
Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electronics, Economics, Mathematical Sciences and more
Students by Degrees:
High School diplomas, Associate Arts degrees (AA), Bachelors, Masters, PHDs and more
Students by Geography:
US – 111620, UK – 132940, Canada – 141200 and more
Email Delivery Rate :

Database Overview

The Students Email List offers easy to use, extensive customers database for marketing campaigns targeting high school students, college students, post graduates and college-bound seniors. This file enables you to reach thousands of current college students and adult professionals by degree level, department or trade and much more. With the help our reach-targeted Students mailing list, connect with students who completed college and are seeking for continuing education courses. This mailing list gives you unique data on student’s field of study, college type, age, and gender. Our Students Email List is an ideal resource for marketers who are selling school supplies or student loans.

Key Features Of Marketing Database

  • The Students mailing list from LogiChannel enables marketers to expand their business horizons in the education industry with qualified data.
  • With access to 383,680 email addresses of college students, we can help you to take your business into the global market.
  • Our Email List of Students comprises validated and responsive email addresses of students to drive your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Target new audience for your education-related products and services with the help of our highly responsive Students Mailing List.

Targeted Audience

  • High-School Students
  • College Students
  • Post Graduate Students
  • College Freshmen
  • College Sophomores
  • College Juniors
  • College Seniors
  • Under Graduate Students
  • College-bound Seniors
  • First-Generation College Students

Students By Type of Educational Institution

  • High Schools
  • Junior Colleges
  • Universities
  • Vocational School (Trade School)
  • Community College (Junior College)
  • Institutes of Technology
  • Art and Design Schools
  • Liberal Arts College
  • Private or Public University
  • Online Colleges
  • Women’s Colleges
  • Tribal Colleges
  • Technical Institutes and Professional Schools
  • And More

Students by Country

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France

Students Mailing List Usage Recommendations

  • School Supplies & Study Aids
  • Automotive Offers & Accessories
  • Student Loans & Scholarships
  • Financial & Credit Card Services
  • Computers & Accessories
  • Job Recruitment
  • Graduate Programs
  • Continuing Education
  • Brand Name Clothing & Footwear
  • Smart Phones & Personal Electronics
  • College/University Offers
  • Catalogs & Lifestyle Publications
  • Student Travel Offers
  • Health & Beauty Products

Students By Department

  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Biology and Biochemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • Physics
  • Politics, Languages & International Studies
  • Psychology
  • Social and Policy Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • School of Management
  • And Much More

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