Pathologists Mailing List

Reach more than thousands of pathologists who are specialized in dermatology, pathology, surgical pathology and more via email, direct mail, and telephone. Our Pathologists mailing database provides you with the most accurate contact information of your target prospects to run your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Pathologists Mailing List

Email Contacts: 56,300
Direct Dial Numbers: 54,370
Postal Mailing Address: 55,230
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Size of Pathologists Database: 56,400

Pathologists by Speciality:
Renal Pathologists, Molecular Pathologists and more
Pathologists by Certifications:
Certification in Pathology: Pediatric Pathology, Primary certificate in pathology and more
Pathologists by Journal Subscriptions:
Journal of Cutaneous Pathology, Annals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and more.
Pathologists by Geography:
US – 4400, UK – 4900, Canada – 3320 and more
Pathologists by License
NPI, DEA & more
Best For:
Medical Magazines Publishers, Vitamins & Supplement Providers & more
Email Delivery Rate :

Database Overview

Pathologists’ mailing list allows marketers to target offices and clinics of licensed pathologists who who are specialized in dermatology, pathology, and surgical pathology. This pathologists email lists include medical professionals who are primarily concerned with the examination of organs, tissues, and bodily fluids in order to make a diagnosis of disease.  These professionals often rely on resource materials like books, reports, newsletters, and audio tapes for topics on pathology, and overall patient wellbeing. These specialists are trained to diagnose skin biopsies under the microscope and are expert in identifying the problem by just seeing the anatomic distribution, behavior, and appearance of the skin.

Key Features Of Marketing Database

  • Find contact data of Pathologists who use laboratory tools to run tests and check specimens for the presence of disease.
  • The Pathologists mailing list is an excellent resource that allows healthcare marketers to reach licensed medical professionals across the globe.
  • Get in touch with a vast, spread-out group of Pathologists who are working at private practices, clinics, hospitals, home-healthcare agencies, and more.
  • Our Pathologists Email Database helps you to get in touch with medical professionals who assist physicians with diagnoses and treatment plans.

List of Pathologists to Target

Connect with Pathologists based on various specializations:

  • Hematopathologists
  • Histopathologists
  • Renal Pathologists
  • Anatomical Pathologists
  • Dermatopathology Specialist
  • Clinical Pathologists
  • Chemical Pathologists
  • Forensic Pathologists
  • Neuropathologists
  • Oral Pathologists
  • Surgical Pathologists
  • Molecular Pathologists
  • Psychopathologists
  • And more

List of Pathologists by Certification

Connect with certified and licensed Pathologists based on the certifications they hold:

  • Primary certification in pathology
  • Certification in Pathology: Medical Microbiology
  • Certifications for pathologist’s assistants
  • Certification in Anatomic Pathology
  • Specialist Certification in Cytometry
  • Certification by American Board of Pathology
  • International Board Certification in Dermatopathology

List of Pathologists by Journals Subscriptions

At LogiChannel, we made it easy to connect with specific Pathologists based on their journal subscriptions.

  • Journal of Cutaneous Pathology
  • The Journal of Pathology
  • Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology
  • International Journal of Surgical Pathology
  • The American Journal of Pathology
  • Human Pathology
  • The American Journal of Surgical Pathology
  • Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology

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