Clinical Pharmacologist Email List

Get with 10,000 clinical directors via email, phone & fax numbers for data driven marketing communication. Drive your campaign success by establishing professional relationship with quality leads associated top hospital, clinics & universities. Stay connected with target audience via our highly responsive multi-channel clinical director email list.

Clinical Pharmacologist Email List

Clinical Director
Email Contacts: 10,500
Direct Dial Numbers: 6,200
Postal Mailing Address: 13,800
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Size of Clinical Pharmacologist Database: 12,650

Clinical Pharmacologist by Specialty:
Infectious disease, immunology, oncology
Clinical Pharmacologist by Certifications:
MS degree in biology, degree in pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacologist by Journal Subscriptions:
International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacologist by Geography:
US – 7400, UK – 6900, Canada – 6320 and more
Clinical Pharmacologist by License
Best For:
Pharmaceutical companies, university residency program course providers
Email Delivery Rate :

Database Overview

Collaborate with wide spread pharmacologist to oversee & manage clinical pharmacology studies. Partner with university & independent research firm to contribute design & execution of clinical operation & research using our well segmented clinical pharmacologist mailing database. Get a list of pharmacologist with experience in medical advisory panels, steering committees & investigator meeting. This email lists validated & updated over regular internal to address the changing needs of the healthcare campaign.

Key Features Of Marketing Database

  •  Find clinical pharmacology professionals with sub specialty, including infectious disease, oncology, Pediatrics.
  •  Get a consolidated list of certified professionals graduated from top universities of the USA who have a deep understanding of drug metabolism & clinical research concepts.
  • Our Clinical Pharmacologist email list comprises of professionals who are receptive of healthcare products & services related to pharmacology.
  • Our clinical pharmacologist mailing list has contact data, including full name, license, years of experience & affiliated research firms

List of Clinical Pharmacologist to Target

Connect with Clinical Pharmacologist based on various specializations:
• Clinical scientific consultant
• Clinical pharmacologist
• Clinical scientist
• Clinical trial associate
• Associate clinical scientist
• Research scientist Pharmacologist
• Pharmacovigilance Scientist
• Clinical Genomic Scientist
• Senior Clinical Pharmacologist

List of Clinical Pharmacologist by Certification

Connect with certified and licensed Clinical Pharmacologist based on the certifications they hold:

  • MS in Biology
  • MS in immunology & pharmacology
  • PhD in microbiology,cell biology
  • American Board of Clinical Pharmacology certification
  • Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics certification
  • European Certified Pharmacologists

List of Clinical Pharmacologist by Journals Subscriptions

At LogiChannel, we made it easy to connect with specific Clinical Pharmacologist based on their journal subscriptions.

  • Journal of clinical pharmacology
  • Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics
  • Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology
  • British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
  • European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
  • The Pharmacogenomics Journal
  • Research gate Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
  • Publons journal of Clinical Pharmacology
  • Wolters Kluwer ovid Journal of clinical pharmacology
  • International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology
  •  SCImago journal of Clinical pharmacology
  • Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology
  • Endnote Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

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