CKO Email List

You can expand your business with the aid of our data-driven Chief Knowledge office email list (CKO). Invest in our database right away to have access to a comprehensive list of sales leads you can work with to boost ROI. CKO email list can help B2B marketers to explore new business opportunities and design more profitable marketing campaign without any barriers. This high quality CKO email list is to boost your B2B marketing efforts by collaborating with the critical decision makers associated with the top organization. Logichannel affordable CKO email list contains key contact information of technology personnel at Fortune 500 companies.

CKO Mailing List


Email Contacts: 98,960
Direct Dial Numbers: 97,990
Postal Mailing Address: 98,750
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Size of CKO Email Database: 98,990

Targeted Audience:
CTO, CEO, CFO, CIO, Technology Consultants & many more
CKO Email List by Subscription models:
Monthly/Quarterly/Half/Yearly Subscription
CKO Email List by Platform:
Cloud, SaaS, and Web
CKO Email List by Company Size:
Small Businesses, Mid-market companies & Large Enterprises
CKO Email List by Industry:
Financial Services, ITES, Utilities, Innovation, and many more
Customers by Geography:
US – 42890, UK – 41940, Canada – 20200 and more
Email Deliverability Rate :

CKO Database Overview

Based on the needs of your sales and marketing campaigns, the professionals at Logichannel can analyse your demands for a CKO email list. At Logichannel, we’ve a team of experts to validate and verify the data as we support our client for the sake of analysis and forecasting assumptions. The CKO email list from Logichannel is offered at the most competitive pricing and is created with the most accurate data to ensure the greatest response to your marketing offers and promotions. Feel free to contact us if you need a complete and reliable list of companies using CKO email list including various key attributes such as Name, location, Zip code, State, Country, Email address, Fax numbers, revenue and more. This file has email list comes at the most affordable prices as it comes up with the most up to date and authentic data to ensure maximum response rate.

Key Features of CKO Email List

  • Logichannel’s Chief Knowledge email list (CKO email list) serves as the tool to stay ahead of the competitors and keep your sales funnel filled up 24*7.
  • This CKO email list from the Logichannel team opens the opportunities for hyper personalized marketing.
  • To help you improve your sales and marketing efforts by boosting the number of qualified leads, we provide you with a well-organized and trustworthy list of CKO.
  • Never take a chance when it comes to making decision-making process as our high responsive CKO email list is accurate and reliable.

Featured CKO email list

With our featured CKO email list, you can get access to:

  • CKO email list by country
  • CKO email list by US states
  • CKO email list by Industry
  • CKO email List
  • CTO email list by country
  • COO email list
  • C-level executives email list
  • CMO email list
  • And more

Whom You Can Target Using CKO email list

For businesses offering, we are providing the role-based list of CKO email list as given below:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Business Officer
  • Marketing Executive
  • State Head Marketing
  • Chief Digital Manager
  • Communication & Marketing Officer
  • Senior Director
  • President
  • Strategic Enterprise Executive
  • Vice President
  • Oil and Gas Industry CBOs
  • Manufacturing Company CBOs
  • Finance Company CBOs
  • Chief Business Officer
  • Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
  • Chief Engineering Officer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Chief Networking Officer
  • Chief Web Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Diversity Officer
  • Chief Legal Officer
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Chief Academic Officer
  • VP, Director of Strategy
  • And much more

CKO Customers by Industry

  • Services- 12%
  • Finance- 3%
  • Manufacturing- 52%
  • Healthcare- 6%
  • Others- 26%

CKO Customers by Deployment Region

  • North America-                                 30%
  • Asia/Pacific-                                       28%
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa- 24%
  • Latin America-                                   18%


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